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tv   [untitled]    January 11, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> good evening. i'm did owner of club monroe located on broadway i've been there 3 years. i can't tell you everybody in 3 minutes. i remember when i came to broadway our smoking patio was there when the fights happened. there was a lot of fights and a lot of gang activities and a lot of problems. the police report is the assume way. one of the reasons it's stopped because two clubs are not operating. only monroe and atmosphere is operating cosmo is not doing anything nor horizon.
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they dropped because the operators are not there anywhere. the reason we asked for this 48 legislation is this is a crucial time right now we could change the block by having a liquor license we're not saying no to liquor sales but we are going trying to have control if the operator comes in and has the liquor license and miss back of these we're trying to prevent an experienced operator coming in and trying to do the best they have the best intentions they cannot do it so they turn to bad promoters >> they turn to the promotes and the promoters bring anyone they have to investment in the block or business and once
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things are bad they leave. so that way they misbehave. if they have a 47 how come they're not doing the right thing >> now we have (calling names). >> good evening commissioners aim president of the north beach association. we want to lend our support to our fellow businesses on broadway. many of the members are also members of our organization. we think this is a very small narrow scoped piece of legislation. frankly we feel that having 1748s on two blocks is sufficient for the moment. we can review this in two years.
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; right we're in no means anti business or entertainment. we're excited about seeing more entertainment that's not strictly alcohol based. we want to see music and all the things that have been driven out because university drunken hoards that come to drink. we want them to eat and be entertained where we're asking for a little bit of time to settle down. there are plenty of people that will come in and take the empty spaces when they know there's another type of crowd. i know myself i wouldn't go down there on the we understand. i would like to go out and eat dinner and see live
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entertainment it's difficult 0 right now >> thank you. (calling names) >> i'm jordan. my name is my family has owned the building for one hundred and 50 years. we've lived in san francisco for over 2 hundred years. what the cv d is doing is anti business and will economically kill the neighborhood and devastating for my family. we've had restaurants and bars in it. and for 2 1/2 years i've been trying to open a lounge on the first floor to try to bring it up. the people who introduced this
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legislation are not business friendly they're from the dwellers who have been opposed to liquor licenses for 20 or 25 years. in their opinion what's going on it's interrupting our constitutional right to it due process. my 88-year-old grandmother owns this building she is selling her homes since we can't do business in our own building she's selling her home. i'm disappointed and i feel like property owners are being you pushed. >> i have a point of information. can you tell me how it is your shut down from remodeling >> we come into the
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neighborhood my partners are sports people. we didn't acquit understand the amount of outreach and admittedly we didn't talk to enough people at the beginning. once we realized your mistakes we prepared a number of information. we have a business plan that includes economic projects and from day won those people said they don't support any new bars >> who's those people. the telephone graph dwellers and the north beach association >> thank you. next, i have (calling names) >> good evening. i'm mike. i've been a resident of the area
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almost thirty years and i agree with commissioner hyde there for the past several years broadway has been strip clubs and night clubs not much diversity and it attracts a specific crowd and has been a dangerous crowd. i've been working with those various groups trying to make progress. we need a little bit of a breather to attract different types of businesses. this idea that people in the neighborhoods are anti entertainment and we're definitely not into entertainment we're - i actively remember broadway when there was more live entertainment. there's no reason currently for anyone from the neighborhood to go to broadway.
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there's no reason. we want a little bit of a breather to try to attract different types of businesses. and we don't feel that full liquor is necessary for a diverse neighborhood we're not anti fun we only want responsible business owners to come in and create a difference >> how are you going to attract now businesses. >> if people see a change maybe the environment is different they maybe more prone to go in there. the area has a reputation and i think other certain types of businesses and restaurants >> you have a change to the
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area. >> (calling names). >> good evening, commissioners we were laufrg we've been trying to get a cab on broadway as well. i appreciate our hands in support of this issue. i lived on broadway in the loose 16 years and walking the neighborhood and the street and living there day in and out as i walk the dog and so forth i've talked to a lot of businesses. we're sick of it. we're complaining in the mirror how horrible it was how people shut themselves up every wednesday. we finally, woem woke up and
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said let's organize and with work the community leaders in this city to anyone who wishes to speak this a better place we got the sheriff and the da and supervisor chiu everybody tloi their hands in the most diverse area everyone can go to have you fun. we the short block two year window so we can go through the platoon to do outreach and do the rebrand ambassador right now you talk to any san franciscan and they're staying away from broadway. people have to be bused in to go to broadway and their wasted when they show up. i'm looking forward to our support so we can celebrate this
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together >> that was a great presentation. >> next up (calling names). >> hello. good evening, commissioners. i'm a lawyer >> can you speak into the micro. >> i'm a lawyer, in fact, i've repealed mr. jordan ankle here. i have a short period of time i listened to the commissioner hyde and commissioner josephs comments. i'm going to cover a lot of things. the first thing was the cad reports. that kiss through the bull and
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public delineation and cuts through the politics behind her. it cuts through the community business district which those members that are in the steering committee they represent almost 80 percent 1 one hundred and 47 pages of crime those individuals that are on the steering committee of david chow and he knows this because we delivered this to him 5 months ago and no one's done a single thing about it. we've been mr. angle has been crucified. there's an empty business and a beautiful location frozen. this is a simple motivator
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that's going on here. there's issues taken because i'm a criminal defense lawyer. what you would consider the wrong side and i know what's going on in this community. it starts with certainty individuals that are calling the shots. the cv d >> your time is up sir, and we have the cv d as we have the head of the strip clubs. >> okay. your time is up. thank you >> thank you. (calling names) >> anyone else who's interested please lineup.
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>> please gives that taxi stand we can't afford that. i'm stephanie greenberg. i'm here to support the ordinance. as you know broadway area stakeholders and agencies have been working together to have real change on broadway. the area has a well-known reputation for crime issues. this impacts not only the resident. the healthy - they've asked supervisor chiu to write this legislation. after much negotiation this was an important tool. clearly broadway is a high crime area and has a saturation of liquor licenses there's a daycare center on those two
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blocks or within 2 hundred or 3 hundred blocks. it's a dense residential district and we want to coordinate and work together. obviously crime is a serious cost to the city and it negative gaits the area. there's very few businesses we don't want shoe repair businesses. we're keeping locals away it's been a magnet for danger. we've got fights and the impact is real in our community. we want to let our safety and other improvements to take how old this is a limited scope moratorium it doesn't stop liquor licenses and it doesn't
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negate entertainment. with 17 liquor licenses >> your time is up and you, get our liquor if you want it. last i think i of (calling names) >> so, you know, we think this is really a special neighborhood. it's the original entertainment zone in san francisco; right? we want to keep it. we're not anti entertainment our preaching to the choir when you talk about more turmdz but broadway has to be a little bit more nuisance pr bureau ban just
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signed a lease. he says i was approached before you it wasn't the right the time time but things on broadway have gotten better he's signed a lease. this is how we are going to attract more people. we're getting our arms around this thing the life and a safety issues on broadway. what would happen if this thing goes setting their going to try to kill that entertainment district. we're crowded with residentials we need to fix this thing we're not trying to kill the district but to nurture it. >> i've got two questions. what happens if an operator
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can't or doesn't want to do food. does that prohibit them from going forward to do it. not everybody don't food >> for the next two years if you don't want to come in with a 47 then our on the sidelines. >> and if not. >> i'm supporting the moratorium for 2 reinforces. >> do you have a plan in place so the board of supervisors lobbies to extend this beyond 2 years. it doesn't century you know it's repealed but they can not repeal it. do you guys have a plan for that
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>> no. >> have you thought about that. >> i assume we're going to vote think it tomorrow it will be for the 2 year period. i'm the most pro entertainment guy you're going to find >> i also have a point of information. how many venues do you own on those two blocks. >> welcome are you talking about businesses or properties. >> we'll go b with entertainment businesses. >> or businesses. >> 9. >> and how many of them sell alcohol? >> four. >> and two are 47s and two are 48s and i get along great with
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both. maybe nobody's come to my place for food i don't know (laughter) >> all right. commissioners. moratoriums don't work. we have a conditional use process and a pcm process. a few years back there was an act of god or nature where the mountain moved by the current pen house. those paralyzed those buildings. this act of legislation is a manmade thing. there's a one hundred and 47 page of cad reports. what you want is a third party analysis of where those calls are coming from and a complete analysis. what we're doing with this legislation is creating a man
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made problem. you're going to freeze the crowbar location and have 4 major vajts with 2 parking lot you motive get a slice even if pizza for the penn house. that's a recipe for bus. there are 32 protests on this man's licenses. there's zero or non-complainants on a 4 thousand secreting location. so you would have consistent over there because broadway doesn't live in a volume. we need to get a friendly amendment on this legislation i'll be more inclined to support
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it put the million dollars into the building and create an infusion similar to the one on branch so maybe some of those buys who go to the crowbar can support some of the other businesses >> thank you. any final any public comment? ? you can't make another one and neither can you. i'm sorry part of the rules. any other any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is not an action item but i don't know if any commissioners have any last comments you want to say >> i want to say blaming alcohol is i don't know in a way it kind of to me it starts with an approach i'm not a limiter.
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i want to say for the past 2 1/2 years i've been doing a lot of work on broadway so i find it interesting that now there's a limitation now that things are comfortably which to me doesn't make sense. i want to say people were talking about, you know, bad promoter but the people who higher the bad promoters are responsible for the bad promoter and they're responsible for the party and they're responsible for the fact that street had six or seven night clubs all doug doing the same entertainment along with strip clubs that are providing the same entertainment. i don't believe alcohol or liquor licenses is to blame it's the lack of diversity and there's ways other than having the sins of the fathers being
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blamed for how the street is developed but at the same time, i want to say i really had a great time working with the neighbors in north beach. i totally respect how much time you've put into our neighborhood and i really do wish you the best going forward >> commissioner lee. >> so again two years, you know, i'm not for more to your memory either but 2 years i truly building in the cv d. there's need for a organization to get moving. again, i'm on the fence about a marrow to your memory but people like the fiasco bar who's ready to go in and fix the places up. you've got to get rid of the empty store fronts. who wants to see the broken down
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buildings. so see if you can workout our differences and those two years will go fast and you'll get what you wish for. obviously hose going to pour a lot of money into this building and you've got to explicit give him 9 opportunity >> commissioner joseph. think i don't remember is your name daren. your presentation was great. i wanted to say you came up here and were right on and i was able to relate to what you had to say i totally believed you. i was on the broadway task force way back when and i was on that street at night in the middle of those horrific crowds. that went from really dangerous
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to scary to police van to deed. i've been out on broadway and some people are afraid to walk on broadway. i'm not afraid of anything because there's nothing there. when i first came to san francisco broadway was the place to be you went to the stone it was a great place to be. it's very sad. my fear about all of this is this. you make a change maybe it works maybe it gets for confident maybe new businesses come in and the change that feels good is a business killer. i've heard nothing but i'm sorry katie i've heard nothing but
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moratoriums out of chiu's office. saying i can't do something take what you got and work with it do outreach. i'm all for pa ingress broadway but i'm very afraid of having people stop business development. i'm also protecting my commitcy arthritis the industry. we talk residents and boosh talks for police. i wish you the best i know this is going to go through no matter what any of us say but think about two years down the road. i'll be shooting user or yourself in the to the >> any other comments from commissions. thank you all to the public who
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stayed this late to make our cases. we'll move on to item 8 which is strictly commissioners, comments or questions. so anything else you guys want to say tonight >> bow our tickets for the night i didn't see at the castro theatre 90 it's our awards show recognizing obsolesce and patron experience in the night life industry and congratulations again guy and any other commission comments. any public comment on the commissioner comments. we move on to new business requests >> i want to request a small
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action on 10 b to see if the commission times to discuss it further. >> all right. a request to put that on. thank you to commissioner hyde for all the work you've done to set us up >> just to thank al for the chocolates they're very doesn't. >> thank you. i have a sugar high now. >> week yeah. and a yes week our leader. >> all right. with that is there any any public comment on our new agenda items. seeing none, public comment is closed this meeting is closed. have a good
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>> roll call. commission members please respond when he call your name. commissioner ellington? >> present. >> commissioner [speaker not understood]? absent. commissioner sen? >> here. >> vice-chair rowal he is? >> present. >> madam chair johnson? >> here. >> commissioner mondahah is absent and all other commissioner are present.


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